#SmartPeople - Why do I do it?

#SmartPeople - Why do I do it?

The #SmartPeople recordings are not for me or myself or my business but for my children. I believe that my children deserve to learn from the smart people I have the chance to meet online and in real live. I believe, that the education our school systems provide and which my children will be forced by law to attend is not the best education children need for their future. It's just all so backwards. Here is a video that motivates me to contact as many #SmartPeople as possible to speak about ideas, fallbacks, diversity, productivity, cultural differences, drive, flow, passion, desperation, smart concepts, business, leadership, passion, patience mindsets and so many more topics, that are never really explained or even taught in depth in schools.

For the sake of my children I ask the questions I would have loved to have had answers to as a child and teenager to be better prepared for the future.

So by speaking to incredible people about their learnings, fails , fails, fails, and successes I want to create a pool of mentors, that my children can contact in the future be it via these videos or via direct contact to you, the #SmartPeople interviewed!

Carl Pullein

Talking about Cultural Differences


I met Carl after Francesco D'Alessio shared my video The most simple and effective Evernote Tagging System back in 2015. Ever since the day we met, we are having somewhat of a bromance going on online. We share concepts, ideas and we are planning to meet (in "real life") this year in December to talk about future collaborations.

Carl is one of the most active Productivity YouTubers out there. In his videos he speaks about Working with Evernote, Working with Todoist, and Working with Productivity.  he has also written countless blog articles and has recently launched his second online course Supercharge Your Email Productivity on Udemy.com.


Carl Pullein is an Englishman in Seoul/South Korea. He is a personal productivity specialist, presenter and author of Your Digital Life and Working With Todoist: The Book.

Carl was educated in the United Kingdom, graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Bachelors degree in law. 

After finishing his legal studies he spent a brief time working in a law firm before moving to Korea to teach English to adults in 2002. 

During his time in Korea, he has developed and implemented BCM Language Institute's revolutionary business English Programme, First Class Business.  He has also designed and written numerous courses specifically for the Korean business professional as well as authoring the book "Story Presentation" which was published in Korea in 2011.

Today, Carl runs his own communications company, Fandcorp English Solutions, specialising in international communication through presenting and writing as well as cultural training courses for all business people wishing to do business globally. He is also the founder and owner of Carl Pullein Personal Productivity, a consultancy helping people from around the world to become super productive, less stressed and to focus on the things that are important to them. 

Carl Pullein am also a Visiting Professor of Business Creativity at Kyung Hee University, Seoul where I teach students how to start their own businesses.

In the rare moments of free time, he enjoys running in marathons and watching James Bond movies over and over again.

Jan Zavrel - Author, Programer, Entrepreneur

Jan Zavrel - Author, Programer, Entrepreneur

Jan Zavrel is an Evernote Certified Consultant and the founder of THE SYSTEM2
He runs an online consulting business at ZAVREL CONSULTING where he explains his methodology for a life of happiness and fulfillment which he calls THE FULL CIRCLE. 
Jan started his IT career as a Pascal programming language student in 1994. Later he discovered the potential of the web and co-founded the company company WEBXP, where he created websites and web applications for local businesses.

In 2000, he also started his own LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) project and designed, developed and published one of the first so-called discussion servers, that were very popular in his country years before Facebook became a worldwide success. 16 years later he is working on its comback!
In 2008, when the  iPhone SDK was introduced, Jan moved to the mobile apps world and soon published his first verb dictionary for iPhone which you can still find on the App Store. 
In 2015, he founded BOHEMIAPPS which evolved from a simple iPhone app project into a creativity platform focused on iOS and web development. 
In 2016, Jan decided to push his mission further with SMART PROFIT SCHOOL. He believes that everyone can teach and SMART PROFIT SCHOOL is about helping newcomers to start their own online teaching career.

Jan published his first book  THE DIGITAL INSTRUCTOR in 2016.
In 2017 Jan focuses primarily on productivity, publishing and marketing his second book THE SYSTEM2 after becoming an Evernote Certified Consultant.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/zavrelj
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/zavrelj
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/zavrelj/ (a picture of a tasty looking steak)
GITHUB: https://github.com/zavrelj
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/janzavrel

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