The #SmartPeople recordings are not for me or myself or my business but for my children. I believe that my children deserve to learn from the smart people I have the chance to meet online and in real live. I believe, that the education our school systems provide and which my children will be forced by law to attend is not the best education children need for their future. It's just all so backwards. Here is a video that motivates me to contact as many #SmartPeople as possible to speak about ideas, fallbacks, diversity, productivity, cultural differences, drive, flow, passion, desperation, smart concepts, business, leadership, passion, patience mindsets and so many more topics, that are never really explained or even taught in depth in schools.

For the sake of my children I ask the questions I would have loved to have had answers to as a child and teenager to be better prepared for the future.

So by speaking to incredible people about their learnings, fails , fails, fails, and successes I want to create a pool of mentors, that my children can contact in the future be it via these videos or via direct contact to you, the #SmartPeople interviewed!